Aug 28, 2013

Between Your House and Mine

I wanted to make this a photo series. I wanted to make a lot of photo series this summer because I felt like every day, I was traveling this route. I am a documenter. I like to take pictures of the simple things in my life because one day, they won't be there. And right now, none of these things are in my life and I'm sad.

I feel like this has been an ongoing series with my life: roads. Driving on them, taking them from point a to point b, getting somewhere, exploring someplace new. 

This was supposed to be a better series. Right now, it's weak and I'm not completely satisfied. I'm putting it on this blog because one day, I will re create this series, I will keep adding and working on it and someday, someday I'll get there.

Aug 21, 2013

Trip to Champaign/Urbana to see Lord Huron

This past summer has been filled with so much. So many memories, happiness and new friends. At first, I was sad to be returning to my hometown after losing out on an internship that I thought I had. However, I tried to make the best of the situation, and it turned out to be one of the best summers I've ever had.

In June, I took a trip with my good friend Shannon to see the band Lord Huron in Champaign/Urbana. It was a three hour drive both ways and it was one of my favorite concerts. On our way down there, we got caught in a tornado and considered turning around and going home. We stopped at a rest area to wait out the storm and ended up making it just fine. 

These are the film pictures from that day.

Self before leaving.

The sky on the way.

After we left the rest area.

Stopped at the rest area.

Stopped at a diner in Champaign right down the street from the venue.

Before the storm.

Below are some pictures I took at the concert.

Aug 18, 2013


Last month, I did a shoot with the wonderful Lauren and I had such a blast and she's incredible to talk to and to just be around. And of course, she's so much fun to take pictures of!