Feb 16, 2015

White Sands Missel Range

For my last full weekend in Albuquerque, my friends Sara, Mateo and I went to White Sands, New Mexico. White Sands is about a 3-4 hour journey from Albuquerque but it was so worth it.

I've never seen anything quite like the white sands of this place. It was beautiful, majestic, calming and dramatic. I doubt I'll ever see anything that lives up to the beauty of this incredible landmark.

We rented sleds at the gift shop and had a bit of fun with that!

Mateo walked a ways a way and it was so pretty.

Sara took some selfies on my camera.

Had a little self-portrait session in the middle of the white sands.

Gray self-portrait.

Hey, there!


It was such a fun day. I am hoping to go back to White Sands during my April trip to Albuquerque where I will be photographing a wedding!

I also got a gopro before this trip and I really want to make a cool little video of our day at white sands including the sledding! I'll get to it eventually and maybe post it up here!

Until next time,