Aug 20, 2012

Europe: My First Days in Rome

This past summer, I went to Rome for two and a half months. The reason was for a school program, but I went a bit early and stayed with my sister, Stephanie who lived there at the time.

I really want to share all of my European pictures, and I just got a lightroom 4 trial, so I can make the images smaller and share them easily!

This post is about my first few days in Rome.

So these are a little out of order. But my first day basically consisted of walking around the historic center of Rome.

On my second day there, Brigitte and I, along with my brother-in-law Angel, climbed to the top of St. Peter's! It was really, really exhausting, but fun! On the way back, we stopped by Piazza Navona, trying to find the Pantheon (we got lost).

That night, we went to the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum with my sister.

And that about sums up my first few days in Rome!

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