Jul 18, 2012

Self Portraits: Rome, Italy

Today, my photo class went to the Rome Botanical Gardens. It was very, very beautiful there, and I decided to embrace the beauty, sneak away from the group, and take some self portraits.
The good thing is that there weren't many people there to stare at me oddly, however, it's weird to take self portraits in front of my classmates. Another negative is that I miss my tripod. All of these shots were taken on garbage cans or on my purse.

I ran into a sprinkler going off and I thought, "Perfect! I've always wanted to take pictures with a sprinkler!" But unfortunately, my exposure was too bright and my camera was on manual focus. I did catch a few that I'm slightly satisfied with. You can also tell that my dress got really, really wet. But since it's been so hot here these past few weeks, I was completely fine with it.

Overall, I'm just trying to take more pictures in a world that I'm not completely self confident in. I'd really like to share some of my Rome and other Europe pictures that I've taken so far, but my files are too big. It took like an hour to load these and they're not that big (in my opinion). I wish I still had lightroom because it would be so much easier to export photos and share them.

Oh well, for now  I'm going to work on organizing them all and doing my schoolwork. On the last few days of my trip where I'm doing nothing, I'm going to figure out how to post them!

Thanks for sticking around,

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