Jan 30, 2015

Tucson, Arizona - Fall Break 2014

For my last Fall Break as a college student, I decided to do something a little crazy and go see my friend James in Tucson, Arizona! We met in 2012 during our study abroad experience at the University of Rhode Island. Over the past few years, we've become regular SnapChat and texting buddies. I miss all of our East Coast adventures, but I'm glad we had the opportunity to see each other a few times in the last semester I was in New Mexico!

Here is some photo evidence of my journey to the wonderful (but hot) land of Tucson!

The endless New Mexico roads.

The VLA will always remain one of my favorite places in New Mexico. It's just so eerie and serene. And there's also never anyone there.

Pie Town, NM

The route I took to Tucson was slightly longer than any route I have taken before, but it was so beautiful.

I drove through this incredible canyon and stopped to take pictures about 20 times.

Fog in Arizona was not something I was expecting.


Mountains in Tucson.

A palm tree! I hadn't seen one of these since March when I went to California.

While I was visiting, James was working at this festival called Tucson Meet Yourself which featured dozens of cultures and their food. It was a pretty cool event! I got free Gelato and some delicious roasted corn.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip! I had a little car trouble on the way home, which extended my trip for longer than I anticipated, but I don't regret going to see my Rhody Bud!

I'm hoping to make blogging a regular occurrence so stay tuned for more photo adventures!


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